5 Types of Videos to Add to Your Content Marketing Strategy

5 Types of Videos to Add to Your Content Marketing Strategy | ITVibes, Inc.

If you haven’t added videos to your content marketing strategy, you should look into the types of videos that can really benefit your social media. A balanced video marketing strategy will help your brand to establish its online presence and gain traction in your community. There are many kinds of videos for you to try out, and different benefits that come with each one.
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What Types of Videos Should You Be Creating?

At the end of the day, you have the creative freedom to make whatever type of videos you think your target audience will like. However, let’s take a look at some of the best types of videos to consider and how they can help your content marketing efforts the most.

  1. Live Videos
  2. Reviews
  3. Tutorials
  4. Educational
  5. Vlogs

1) Live Videos

Using the ‘go live’ feature on multiple different platforms is an effective way to connect with your audience directly. Live videos allow you to see who is watching your videos and how they are reacting to it. Some appropriate topics to cover would be behind-the-scenes of your establishment, live Q&As for your audience, and exciting product announcements.

2) Reviews

One of the most popular forms of videos that we see across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are review videos. We see trusted content creators reviewing products, services, and entertainment. Creating content doesn’t always start from scratch–you are capable of gaining a following on your videos by providing testimonials for your audience to be in on.

3) How-To Video Tutorials

You can create tutorials for consumers to learn how to use a product or service that your company provides. Be sure that your tutorials are easy to understand and entertaining enough to keep the viewer interested long enough to finish the entire video. “How-To” videos are one of the most commonly searched video topics on YouTube, making it a good video topic to look into making for your brand.  

4) Educational Videos

Informational videos will help with your brand’s search engine optimization. You can create topics that will inform your video viewers on that will relate back to your company and what it is you can provide for them. Educational videos are like blog posts in the sense that your viewers will search for them in order to learn something new or to gain a different perspective on something.

5) Vlogs (Behind-the-Scenes)

We’ve all seen plenty of vlogs on YouTube… but, how can they apply to a marketing campaign? Vlogging can be good for behind-the-scenes looks into what you do at your company and things like “a day in the life” type of videos that will give your viewers a personal insight of the people behind the camera. You can use the vlog approach to give a tour of your facility, respond to frequently asked questions, and record community events that will be on your social media for new visitors to see.

Don’t overthink your video production. Stick with a simple idea of what you want your call to action to be, and make sure that your video gets that point across.

Content Creation Meets Business Marketing

When thought out carefully and planned accordingly, creating videos for your brand’s social media platforms will do much more good than harm. Take your time in searching for similar videos that competitors or similar brands are doing to get the right idea of what works best in a content strategy setting. Online marketers are always looking for new ways to get a good response from their audience, so be open to change and new ideas!  
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