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by | Sep 12, 2012 | Conroe, Real Estate

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db consulting – Organization Plus was founded by Diane Berry in 2009. After working many years within the corporate structure, she decided it was time to find a career that would make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and business owners. Diane recognized there is a great need to help other people organize areas of their lives that have caused much stress and a somewhat chaotic existence.

Having relocated to various cities throughout her life, for both business and personal reasons, Diane discovered that she has the ability to quickly and efficiently arrange her work and home spaces. She has carried that ability into the homes and offices of others who realize they have no place to relax and breathe amidst the clutter in their space. Diane can help you create that peaceful environment in your home and office that you so deserve. Just imagine not having to face clutter every day when you open that door to your home or office.

Mission Statement: To create, through organization, peaceful surroundings and spaces that are a pleasure to live and work in.

Services we offered: Website design, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Site design, Content Management Solution, Training, Monthly maintenance, Hosting and Technical Support.

DB Organize Plus Conroe
 DB Organize Plus Conroe 
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