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Customer Appreciation Day Events

ITVibes’ Customer Appreciation Day At Coffeeshop Company

ITVibes’ Customer Appreciation Day At Coffeeshop Company

ITVibes held a customer appreciation day Thursday, March 7, at the Coffeeshop Company in The Woodlands to express gratitude towards past, present, and ongoing loyal clients. The lunch gathering of over 20 people mingled while sipping sparkling lemonades in different...

We Had a Wonderful Celebration at our Annual Holiday Party

We recently celebrated our annual ITVibes Holiday Party with our amazing clients, team members, and family. It took place this year at Laundry’s Seafood in The Woodlands. The food was delicious and the service was awesome! We cannot thank Laundry’s enough for their...

ITVibes Honors Their Customers with Special Event

ITVibes first Customer Appreciation Day was a fun, educational, and business networking event honoring our clients. It was held yesterday at The Woodlands Chamber of Commerce in their beautiful new building on Lakeside Blvd. The food was specially prepared by Chef...