Why You Should Add Social SEO to Your Small Business Growth Strategy

If you are a small business owner, you’re probably aware that in order to be found online, you need an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for your website. You most likely also use social media platforms for your business to interact with your customers. How do social media and SEO work together to help your business growth?
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How Do Social Media and SEO Work Together?

Today, social media is much more than a simple sales or promotion channel. When used strategically with SEO rankings in mind, you can broaden your customer reach and increase search engine visibility for your brand. But how does this work? Here are a few ways smart SEOs use social media to help websites rank:  

  1. Increase Brand Awareness
  2. Build Relationships
  3. Acquire a Social Media Following
  4. Generate Online Reviews
  5. Build Number of External Links

1) Increase Brand Awareness

Three of the most popular social platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By posting intelligent and interesting content on these networks, you’ll begin to build awareness of your brand and your role in your industry when users search for information related to you. This will encourage users to click to read more about the information you’re providing, and in turn, will tell Google that you are a valuable source of content on that search query.
2) Build Relationships
Focus on interacting with your followers to build trust. Post about topics that catch your followers’ attention. This will ensure that they keep coming back to your social sites and lead them to visit your website to learn more information about the services or product they’re looking for.

ProTip: Don’t be afraid to be social with your audience. That is, after all, the point of social media. You’ll soon start building valuable relationships with social media fans that will likely convert into website visitors – then long term customers!

3) Acquire a Social Media Following

Share reputable and reliable information and show confidence in your brand. Always include an incentive for your followers to share your content, which will help increase your fanbase. By posting original content about your industry that answers a common question or discusses ways to solve a problem, you’re more likely to attract real, organic followers. This will result in an increase in online visibility, sending signals to search engines that let them know that real people find your content valuable and they will start to take more notice of your brand.

4) Generate Online Reviews

Customers rely on the experience of others to help them make decisions. You can use social media marketing to encourage positive reviews that will not only increase your brand presence but will also give you the opportunity to evaluate the feedback you receive so you can better serve your customers. Did you know that reviews are used as a ranking factor by search engines? Just as people value the opinion of others, Google and other search engines also place value on the experiences and referrals of real customers that have had real interaction with your business.

5) Build Number of External Links

It can be easy and convenient to use the social media platforms’ tools to create and share content without giving a link back to your website, but it will be much more valuable for SEO and brand visibility for you to include those links and drive people to your site to learn more. When sharing content, link back to relevant pages on your website. As your posts reach more people, they are more likely to click through to your content pages to learn more information. This, in turn, will increase visits to your website and help you rank higher in Google search results due to your widespread audience.

Track Your Ranking to Determine Your Growth

By combining social media and SEO, you will broaden your online presence, brand awareness, and dependability while increasing your page likes, followers, and original content. Search engines will recognize these social signals, helping to increase your SEO rankings.
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