Tips on How to Optimize Your Website

How do I make my site SEO friendly?
This question gets asked a lot in the online marketing world. It’s a good question because you want to make sure your website receives a high ranking in the search engine results. Your goal is to get a head of your competition, not left behind in the dust.
Before we get started on the tips, let’s define SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – it is strategies and techniques used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking in the search engine results.
The following are tips on how to optimize your company’s website.
It’s important that you write for the reader first and search engines second. Your website’s content needs to be well written because search engine results are content driven.
Your content needs to be:

  • User friendly – easy to read and understand
  • Right tone – does the content fit your website’s theme and your company’s persona?
  • Rich – detailed
  • Informative – educational, helpful
  • Powerful – influential, moving, authoritative
  • Compelling – attention grabbing, convincing
  • Dynamic – fresh, new, updated – prevents reader from getting bored and helps with search engine rankings. Examples of dynamic content are blogs and social media posts.

What about keyphrases? 
A keyphrase is a phrase (made up of keywords) that a user types into a search box to find the information they need.

  • Google says exact match keyphrase once on a page is enough.
  • You can also use keyphrase synonyms.
  • Do not stuff the content with keyphrases – only use where they makes sense.
  • Include your location – for example, if your target area is Houston, then add Houston, TX to your keyphrase.

Where do I use keyphrases on a website?

  • Titles
  • Headings & sub headings
  • Body
  • Hyperlinks
  • Alt tags – media

What is an SEO Title?

  • It displays on the Snippet Preview which appears on search engine results.

What is a meta description?

  • It also displays on the Snippet Preview – 156 character limit.

What about the SEO Check ? Does it have to be green?

  •  No, yellow is fine.

The information we included in this post, just skims the surface of SEO editing. We have a content management team to help you make sure your site is SEO friendly. Contact ITVibes today!