Social Media Marketing For Real Estate

Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your real estate business. It helps you establish your brand, build trust with potential clients and the community, and it allows you to engage with customers without having to sell them something.
What Are the Best Sites for Realtors?
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus are the top social media sites for real estate agents.
First of all, figure out who is your target audience. Then, get to know them on each social media platform. Follow them; read, like, and comment on their posts; and share their items.
But, don’t overwhelm your followers by trying to sell your properties all the time. Inform, educate, and engage them – 90% education and 10% selling. Be a resource for your users/readers. Don’t be annoying and sales pitchy.
Create a List of Leaders
Make a list of the leaders in your industry and follow them. Build a relationship with them through online engagement by sharing their posts, content, and pictures. This is how you will learn from the pros. Be patient because it will take time.
Post Often
Sometimes our clients don’t like to hear this but you need to be blogging at least once a week and pushing those blogs out on social media each week. This helps establish your brand and it moves you up on the search engine rankings. We suggest posting two to three times a week on each social media site.
Be a Joiner
Joining groups is a great way to reach and connect with people, especially on LinkedIn. You can do this on Twitter and Facebook as well. Join local real estate groups. Talk and share ideas with other realtors in your area.
Planning Is Key
Pick a day of the week (maybe Monday mornings) to gather your thoughts, conduct research, make notes, review schedule of events for the week, check out the news in the real estate industry, and talk with other team members. Use that time to decide what you want to post for the week. Your planning period will take you a couple of hours, but it pays off in the long run because it prevents you from rushing around and stressing out at the last minute.
Profiles Matter
Most followers will read your profiles, so it’s important that you have a complete, interesting, thoughtful, and professional profile for each site. It’s like your online resume. Make sure you periodically update it.
People Love Pictures
Use a professional picture for your profile and cover photo. Also share interesting, fun, and thoughtful pictures on your sites. People love pictures and will be more likely to respond to your posts and follow you if you use them often. But make sure they are appropriate, not offensive, and fit the style and theme of your site and business.
You Must Engage
You have to engage with your followers, readers, and potential clients online. That means liking their posts, commenting on them, and sharing their pictures and blog posts. That’s how you get them to like and follow you. It builds trust, shows you care, and proves you have excellent customer service skills.
Be Yourself
Don’t be fake or disingenuous because people can see right through that. Write the way you speak and share things that matter to you. The number one advice we give clients is to be yourself. But don’t forget you always need to be professional and courteous.
It takes time to build an audience and relationships online, so don’t get discouraged or give up. Take your time and keep at it…you will see results.
If you need help with social media marketing, contact ITVibes today. We have a social media team ready to assist you with all your online marketing needs.