Use These Powerful Writing Tools to Enhance Website Content

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Use These Powerful Writing Tools to Enhance Website Content

Writing eloquent and compelling website copy is an art which requires both talent and strategy – and tools! Even the most gifted writers rely on writing tools every day to ensure their copy is compelling, concise, and readable. People read online much differently than they would a novel or newspaper. Where you typically have some time to build the story slowly, leading up to the peak, web copy must tell it all and tell it fast or your reader is going to lose interest and click to another site. Just. Like. That.
Web copy must tell it all and tell it fast or your reader is going to lose interest and click to another site. Just. Like. That. Use these tools to create online copy that wins … every time. Share on X
Fortunately for us, there are many great writing tools available to help content writers (and business owners!) create web copy that wins.

3 Powerful Writing Tools You Should Start Using Today

While search engine optimization (SEO) is imperative to getting your website and blog found online, this article focuses on how to keep a reader interested in what you have to say. In a later blog, we can talk about some of my go-to tools for SEO.
Here are some of the best writing tools out there for online copywriting:


Don’t let poor grammar, spelling errors and awkward phrasing turn your readers away! Use Grammarly for flawless writing you can feel confident about. The free version offers plenty helping you find missing articles, repetitive words, misspelled words, misuse of commas, weak adjectives, passive voice and more. When you run a business, you want to be seen as a professional. Now you can write like one too! Ready to level up? Explore Grammarly’s premium plan for more advanced checks and enhancements. It also includes a Plagiarism checker which can be useful if you have a team of writers working for you.
Cost: Free, Premium version available.
Check it out:

Power Thesaurus

Need your thesaurus to do more? Check out Power Thesaurus a crowdsourced, straightforward and user-friendly solution that will help you find the exact word or phrase you need to power up your writing and make it more interesting. Find tons of synonyms and antonyms plus explore different parts of speech related to your base word. Let this ‘thesaurus on steroids’ do the heavy thinking. It will come in handy when you feel like you’re writing about the same topic over and over again or get stuck using particular phrases throughout every piece.
Cost: Free
Check it out:

Hemingway App

The Hemingway editing tool is a great tool for web copywriters and here’s why. Website copy should be bold and clear. Complex sentences may be great for the novel you’re writing but should not be used when writing online. Hemingway App will help you shorten your sentences, strengthening your message so that people will keep reading. Use the free online editor or for a nominal fee, download the desktop app.  
Cost: Free, Desktop App available for a nominal fee.
Check it out:

Working with a Professional Copywriter

Don’t have time to learn new writing tools and tricks to promote your business? To remain competitive, writing requires a lot of focus and energy. That’s why many business owners rely on professional copywriters to become the voice of their brand. At ITVibes we have a team of professional SEO copywriters who work with businesses every day to attract, engage, and target people looking for the exact products and services they offer.
Want to know more? Contact us to discover how a customized content management strategy can work for you. We’d love to help!