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How To Manage and Take Control Of Your Email Inbox

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Business Tips

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Every business owner understands the time it takes to sort through multitudes of emails every day. Spending hours on responding, organizing, and deleting emails can prevent you from getting other necessary work done withing your company. Although email is a fast and effective tool for communication, it can become counter-productive if not used properly. With the right email management techniques, you can take control of your inbox and free up some much needed time!

Email Management Tips

Consider these simple yet effective tips for organizing your inbox that will make email management a much smoother process.

1.Sort through email once a day

Whether the first thing in the morning or right after lunch, find time each day to sit down and sort through your inbox. Only reply to emails that require a response and that can be done quickly. Prioritize the importance of your emails and answer the most time sensitive ones first. Don’t leave your program open on your computer all day. Instead, close out your email and only check it during your allocated times. It may even be useful to create an auto-response letting people know the time slots your emails are checked and replied to. Making space for email management one or two times per day will allow you to have uninterrupted work during the remainder of your day.

2. Create folders and labels

Every email program has ways to organize and label incoming and outgoing emails–take advantage of it! Make folders according to client name, project title, or department and start funneling your emails accordingly. Use label features to easily identify a certain type of email and, if necessary, color code by the level of importance. Take a few minutes to view all the settings and features that your software program offers and start using items that could save you time and keep you organized.

3. Use templates

Do you have similar reply emails you send on a regular basis? If so, consider using templates. Create a template for each type of email response and label it in a way that will be easily identifiable. For example, If you often send a similar thank you response, type up the message and remove any names. Then save that as a template. The next time you need to send that thank you reply, pull up the template, insert the person’s name, and hit send. It’s that easy!

4. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails

Almost everyone can relate to that overwhelming feeling of a cluttered inbox. Scroll through the last 50 emails you received. Are there several subscriptions that you no longer use? If so, take a few minutes and unsubscribe from these. Each email will have an unsubscribe or settings option at the very end and bottom of the message. Do this for all of the unwanted subscriptions and you will begin to see a much cleaner and more organized inbox.
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