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How Oil and Gas Companies Can Use Social Media

by | Jun 25, 2014 | Business Tips, Industrial Web Design, Social Media Branding

How Oil and Gas Companies Can Use Social MediaHow Oil and Gas Companies Can Use Social Media

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to use for any industry, but unfortunately it is underused by oil and gas companies. Many assume it is only for 16 year olds, shopping, and sharing pictures of your grandchildren, but social media is much more than that. B2B companies are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to expand their brand, offer information, provide thought leadership, and communicate with other businesses.
If oil and gas companies follow these social media tips, they will increase their following, reach more people, and cultivate an impactful and positive brand:

  • Planning – it’s always important to be organized, plan ahead, and prepare a schedule. And, this is particularly true of social media marketing. Schedule specific days and times each week to post, engage with followers, meet and follow new people.Computer Keyboard With Social Media Keys
  • Don’t focus on the negative – Don’t let negative feedback hold you back. Don’t worry about potential critics, instead reach out to those who are positive.
  • Contribute – Actively post interesting, helpful, and relevant information on your social media sites. Please don’t waste your follower’s time. Also, participate in live conservations to improve visibility.
  • Consistency is key – You must post and interact on a regular basis. Stick to your schedule. If possible, do it every week – several times a week would be optimal. The more reliable you become, the more connections you will develop.

Three social media platforms that are leading the way for oil and gas companies:

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is considered the largest network of professionals in the world, so it’s probably the most valuable social media tool for oil and gas brands.
Twitter – Using hashtags, oil and gas professionals can track industry conversations and stay on top of market trends.
Facebook – Great for brand awareness and a link back to your website. Also it allows you to generate more leads and participate in industry conversations.
If you are an oil and gas professional and your company needs help with social media marketing, give ITVibes a call today. We have a team to help you stay on top of the social media world and increase your brand awareness.