How Facebook Messenger Bots Improve Customer Service

How Facebook Messenger Bots Improve Customer Service, Facebook Messenger bots for Business, ITVibes, Houston

In today’s world, customers expect business interactions to happen quickly and easily. Research has shown that 73% of customers prefer to live chat when making purchases or asking a business-related question, as opposed to using phone or email. Message bots are designed to recognize the questions customers type in the message window and they’re able to formulate a human-like response. As Facebook continues to rise as a social media marketing tool, more and more of your audience will expect to reach you via Facebook messenger. Learn how chatbots can help you keep up with customer interaction on Facebook for the best customer experience.

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What are the Benefits of Facebook Messenger Bots?

Using Facebook’s chatbot is a great way to improve customer service and show visitors that you value their business by allowing them to get assistance in real-time. Using a chatbot messenger app increases your business’s reputation by allowing you to:

  1. Keep up with technological advances
  2. Instantly interact with your customers
  3. Track and save customer history

1) Keeping up with Technological Advances

It’s important for small business owners to stay ahead of the technological curve to better serve their customers. Constantly researching and staying up-to-date on the latest trends in marketing shows your customers that you’re striving to serve them better every day. Chatbot technology is becoming a widely-used tool and will only continue to grow, especially on Facebook – the most widely used social media platform today.

ProTip: Check out your competitors to see if they are using chatbots to help communicate more easily with their customers. Assess what they might be doing well or not-so-well when their chatbots respond to questions you ask.

2) Instantly Interact with Your Social Media Visitors

Chatbots allow you to show your customers that you’re always available to answer questions or direct them to a specific service they’re looking for. This helps increase your sales by capturing the lead and sustaining their attention while they are on your page. If you seem unavailable they are likely to find the next business offering your same products and services – and you’ve lost them!

3) Track and Save Customer History

Chatbots are useful in holding a record of customer transactions. There are tools that can send automated messages from the bot that remind the customer that they haven’t yet completed their transaction or share current offers on products they’ve previously inquired about.

The Way of the Future

By using Facebook’s chatbot feature to communicate with your customers, you’re creating more opportunities for sales and client satisfaction by showing you’re available at all times of the day or night. As more businesses pick up this way of interacting with visitors, you will see that marketing automation is very much here to stay.
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