3 Proven Ways to Build Brand Loyalty

Branding is the process of forming attachments and relationships around your brand in the customer’s mind. The goal of branding is ultimately to build such a strong connection that the consumer becomes an advocate for your business. When a customer is loyal to a brand, they become a valuable marketing tool for that business. Click To Tweet

Build a Loyal Following

Fostering customer loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. Creating these connections can be difficult and the process takes time. However, there are some simple strategies you can start implementing to turn your customers into loyal followers.

1) Get Personal

Find ways to personalize everything you do in your business. This includes the products or services you sell, the customer service experience you provide and the messaging on your website. Encourage employees to learn each customer’s name, line of work, and interests, and then tailor your messaging and interactions around those things.

2) Go the Extra Mile

Rewards and incentive programs are a fairly common way for businesses to help encourage brand loyalty. However, it can be more powerful to simply go the extra mile for your customers. Be kind, patient and provide the occasional discount or freebie for return business. This bit of effort and show of appreciation will stick in your customer’s mind.

3) Go Offline

Personal interactions are a great way to spark a personal relationship. This could be as simple as picking up the phone and calling your customers or hosting a happy hour where you can meet and mingle with your customers in person.

Consistency is Key

While a lot of pressure is put on modern businesses to grow and adapt in order to stay competitive, don’t lose sight of one of the most important aspects of your business: consistency. Your customers are coming to you for a reason, and if you abandon that reason, you may be taking away a key factor that went into their decision to do business with you.

The Main Goal

Your main goal should be to ensure that your customers experience ease, value, and positivity with every interaction they have with your brand. From your website and messaging to your service or product, and everything in between, it all adds up to one collective experience.

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Michele Redmon

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