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Web Based Cloud Computing drives Houston Businesses

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Business News

Cloud Based Technology is new generation web.
What if your computer crashed from a virus or if you lost your laptop or backup external hard drive? What are you doing to make sure that all of your company data is safe and secure? What if Facebook or Flickr decides to shut down tomorrow? You would lose all of your information that is stored on their program. It’s highly recommend that you use the Cloud programs that are available to you so that you have less stress or worries.
The cloud is a virtual solution. There is no need for any downloads or installs. Your laptop now becomes a thin working client. The cloud based programs aid you in accessing your information, data and files in real time. Most of us already use them right now in our business and personal lives.
Data storage programs like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and Amazon Cloud Drive help to safely and securely store files, documents or photos. You will be able to access them from any web browser anywhere in the world including a tablet and a smart phone. Cloud storage automatically syncs the files and changes to keep the documents current in real time across all the systems and people accessing them.
Business Apps like Sales performance tracker toolAsset Management SystemInventory Management SystemBusiness Listings tracker, Document Manager, Cloud CRM, Email Campaigns, Google Docs, Office 360, Docusign etc increase businesses’ and teams’ efficiency boosting productivity to lower operating costs. Finance & HR Programs like Online Quick-books and Time sheets & expenses’ tracker make Accounting and HR functions seamless.

There are many cloud based programs out there for personal entertainment like Netflix streaming, Redbox Streaming, Amazon Instant video, HotFlix, Vudu, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Cloud player, XBox online and iTunes which we use on a daily basis.
The Cloud services makes Disaster Recovery seamless as the cloud servers are located in a farm around different locations across the country to assure that your data is safe and backed up. You can move around the country and work on multiple systems without any hassle. It’s more like plug and play.
Using Cloud based technology will save you time and money while providing business and personal reassurance that all of your information is safe and accessible from anywhere. There is no need for any in-house physical hardware, servers or a desktop support team.
This is 21st century. Put your business on the Cloud to play right and to win!