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Why You Need a Business Blog

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Brand Management, Content Management

Why You Need a Business Blog, Search Engine Optimization,ITVibes, Houston, TX

The word blog may conjure little more for you than images of an online personal journal of sorts. A place where you can chronicle your thoughts and experiences and share them with friends and family members. Given such, you may wonder why you’d ever need such a thing for your business. While this is how many people use their personal blogs and holds very little value for a company, a business blog is something entirely different. When utilized to its fullest potential, your company blog becomes a powerful and crucial tool in your digital marketing strategy. Click To Tweet

The Benefits of Having a Business Blog

In times past, companies had a captive audience to market to each night as families and individuals tuned into their favorite T.V. shows. In those days, a commercial with a catchy jingle was a great way to advertise your business. Today, however, consumers can choose what they watch or read in almost every setting and do not respond well to invasive marketing. The key to an effective marketing strategy in today’s business climate is to somehow get consumers to choose to view your content on their own. This is known as inbound marketing and your company blog is an integral piece in the following ways:

1) New Content

Search engines want to see that you’re consistently publishing new content. This indicates that you’re active and engaging with the public. The problem is a typical website doesn’t generally get updated all that often. Your company blog, however, is a great way to generate new content each week. This is critical to your overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

2) Interaction

Generating new content is good for SEO, but generating content that people interact with is significantly better. Search engines want to see not only that you are creating new content, but that people are also interacting with it. These two pieces together form an integral part of your SEO strategy. Blog articles include secondary keyphrases which are designed to drive traffic deeper into your website.

3) Conversation

Beyond SEO, your company blog is also an opportunity for you to engage your clients and prospects in conversation beyond the sales process. You spend most of your time acquiring new clients and taking care of existing clients. There’s not always time to dig a little deeper with the individuals you encounter. Your blog gives you this opportunity.

4) Expertise

As you generate original content and engage your target audience in conversation, it’s also an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience. You can post blogs on topics of interest you know your target audience has questions about. You can provide insights into issues, answer questions, and give expert advice. In this way, you set yourself apart as an expert in your field and your clients and prospects feel like they’re benefitting from your valuable expertise. 

5) Human Touch

Your company blog is also an opportunity to add a personal, human touch to your business. Your blogs are written in a conversational style voice and addresses topics your clients and prospects are interested in. It’s an opportunity to enter their world through social media and engage them in conversation. It’s also an opportunity to give an inside view of your company culture and values, putting a human face and personal touch to your business.

Bringing it All Together

As you post engaging original articles consistently to your business blog and share them across social media, your target audience will take notice. When they find value in your original content, they’ll follow you and share your content with friends and family. This is the heart of inbound marketing and the key to maximizing your brand awareness. Don’t wait! Start your inbound marketing strategy today.
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