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An Overview of Effective Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Brand Management, Houston Web Design, Real Estate

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Houston Real Estate Digital MarketingYour digital marketing strategy will be most effective when it is real-estate centric. You will enhance your brand, establish yourself as an authority in the industry, and enjoy better results.
Consider these 5 areas as you build your real estate digital marketing strategy:

Creating Your Real Estate-Specific Digital Marketing Strategy

Build a Stellar Real Estate Website and keep it current to what’s trending in real estate. Make sure it looks and feels professional and is optimized for mobile devices. Most people are using smartphones to search for information on homes they are considering. You only have one shot at a first impression and visitors to your site will make a decision to stay or leave in the first few seconds. It also needs to be intuitive and easy to navigate so they will have a good experience and feel you are knowledgeable and reliable. Include a mortgage calculator so customers won’t have to leave your site to find one on their own. Let them search for homes directly on your home page with IDX integration. Make sure to include information for buyers, sellers, and investors.
Engaging Real Estate Content is your key to positioning yourself as an authority in your field. Keeping your web content fresh and relevant to what’s trending in real estate today is critical to holding your visitors’ attention. You may consider maintaining a blog with articles featuring helpful tips and tricks about homes: buying, selling, and general living. Posting on topics such as local events, lifestyle, and things to do adds value and enhances your brand. You can also post market-related topics as well as information on local neighborhoods.
Real Estate Digital MarketingUse Social Media to deliver engaging real estate content, run targeted promotions, and post ads about your listings. While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are always good choices, consider other real estate-related social media platforms as well. This is your opportunity to enter their world. Pretend you are hanging out around the barbecue and engage your potential customers in light, meaningful conversation. This will also be your main vehicle for distributing the content you create such as blogs.
Optimize Your SEO Strategy to drive real estate seeking traffic to your website and blogs. Research what keywords and keyphrases your target market is searching for and position your content to answer those searches. When anyone is looking to buy, sell, or invest in houses, you want them coming to you. This is how you do it.
Know and Track Your Data to measure how effective your real estate digital marketing strategy is. Keep up with real estate trends and marketing trends so your data analysis will be meaningful. You will also want to monitor the effectiveness of your keywords and keyphrases and update them as needed. Search habits change over time, and you will want to keep your SEO strategy optimized to continue driving traffic to your site.

Better Strategy, Better Results

Make your real estate digital marketing stand ahead of the rest with real estate solutions customized for you. Draw your target audience to you and keep them coming with engaging, relevant content and attractive design.  Contact Us today to learn how to make real estate-specific digital marketing the core of your Houston Brand Management strategy.