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Nonprofit Digital Marketing: Why Your Organization Needs to be Online

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Brand Management, Content Marketing, Non-Profit, Online Marketing

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So goes the saying that “you have to spend money to make money.” This statement surely resonates with you as the decision maker of any organization, even nonprofit agencies and associations. The difference is that nonprofit agencies often have much smaller budgets, making the dollars available for marketing only a fraction of what they really need to adequately raise awareness and drive people towards their cause.
As the leader or marketing guru of your nonprofit organization, you probably know the expense associated with print ads in magazines and newsletters. In addition to the expense, the ROI of these ads can be difficult to track. You can add QR codes, PROMO codes, and landing pages to a print ad campaign to try to track the number of people that are exposed to it. But you will not know that someone has seen it unless they take the action you ask them to take.
While there is some value in print advertising, a well-played nonprofit digital marketing strategy can be much more budget-friendly while providing you with valuable data you need to more accurately track how visible you are among your target audience.
Not sure where to start? There is a wide variety of nonprofit solutions that you can take advantage of to grow your presence and gain a loyal following for your organization.

Nonprofit Digital Marketing Strategies

Many leaders in nonprofit organizations mistakenly believe that you need a large marketing budget to see real results. While it’s true that marketing is an important piece of your budget that should be given careful consideration, nonprofit digital marketing strategies don’t have to break the bank!
Here are a few strategies to get you started:

PPC with Google Ad Grants

Did you know that Google’s PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns can be completely free for those who qualify? Don’t let the word “pay” throw you off! Google’s Ad Grants program helps nonprofit organizations advertise and promote their cause online by giving them free money to advertise on Google. We all know the enormous impact of being on the first page of Google, so it can be a very cost-effective way of boosting your digital marketing efforts.

Mobile-Friendly Marketing

Quick experiment! Try walking down the street or look across the table at dinner and count how many people you see that are not looking at their phones. The reality is that you won’t see many and this can be used to your advantage. About 70% of social traffic for nonprofits comes from people using mobile devices. It’s crucial to make sure that your marketing efforts are always mobile-friendly. Advertising content must be easy to view on a smartphone, catching and holding the user’s attention.

Video Marketing

We’ve all heard about videos that have “gone viral”. These videos receive a very high level of engagement, which is why videos are used a lot in marketing today. Super easy to create using your smartphone, videos are great for connecting with people without costing a ton of money.  Even if your video doesn’t go viral, it is still more likely to catch and hold your audience’s attention. Because let’s face it, people like to be entertained!

Jump into the Social Media Game

Avoiding the use of social media for business is a thing of the past – even for nonprofits! If your audience is on social media, you should be too! (And trust me, they’re there. I’ve seen them myself!) Social media is a great place to really connect with people and build relationships with people that are passionate about the same things you are. These are the people that you should rally for your cause. Besides, getting started with social media is free and the paid promotions are cheap enough to fit any budget.

“Donate” Button on Facebook

Once you are on Facebook, you will want to begin to optimize your page. A crucial element for nonprofit social media is the “Donate” button. This button is a call to action that encourages users to donate to your cause, then and there. Catch people during their “leisure” time when it’s more convenient to pull out the credit card!

Partner Up

We can’t all be endorsed by Katy Perry or Cameron Diaz. Instead, it’s strategic to reach out to peers in your network to partner with you to spread the word and raise awareness for your cause. (Hint: You might find these peers on social media!)

Email Marketing

Despite the number of emails that wind up unopened in the “Trash” folder, email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing tactics around. As a nonprofit organization, you can use Enewsletter campaigns to continue to expand you reach and keep people interested in what is going on with your organization. Combining an Enewsletter campaign with video marketing can be a powerful way to get your message out.

Speaking Engagements

Your nonprofit digital marketing strategy will help you connect further than your physical restraints allow. That doesn’t mean you should stop speaking to your audience in person. It can be very inspiring to hear a passionate advocate speak out about their cause. But make sure you get a video! You can use it to expand the reach of your powerful message … you may even go viral!

Harness The Power of Nonprofit Digital Marketing

Those organizations who tap into the true power of nonprofit digital marketing will be those who harness the influence to dominate their cause. At ITVibes, we have helped many nonprofit organizations access the digital marketing resources needed to increase their capacity to grow and serve. Contact Us to learn more about which nonprofit digital marketing strategies will take your organization to the next level.