ITVibes Digital Marketing Case Study: Hydrological Solutions Inc.

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Brand Management

Working and operating in the Houston area provides great opportunities to service clients in a variety of industries. With Oil and Gas being the most prominent sector in the region, we have developed a large amount of experience providing service to industrial clients. This past year we have seen and heard of less than exciting news about the low prices of oil and it’s result on the industry. Everyone is feeling it. However, business does not have to suffer. Hydrological Solutions is a manufacturer of industrial inflatable cofferdams. Their company was beginning to see a decline in their sales this year and called upon our marketing and branding expertise to assist their marketing efforts.


Hydrological Solutions has been a valuable client of ours since January 2015 when their brand new website went live. They are a monthly client which means that ITVibes manages and develops their social media marketing and branding. This includes providing a consistent presence on Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as publishing four blogs and one newsletter each month.
Hydrological Solutions specializes in providing dewatering solutions through their Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam. It is an innovative product, and provides very successful results in pipeline construction and repair, shoreline restoration, and bridge and dam construction. As mentioned earlier, they came to us with the concern that their sales had declined and wanted to know how to increase their numbers through the efforts of their online presence.

The Strategy

As web development specialists, we began to take a look at their website’s performance. We noticed several indicators that needed to be addressed:

  • High Bounce Rate
  • Broken Links
  • Content Limitations

A website is a living network of content, links, and traffic. Each of the indicators above influence each other and combine to create the presentation and overall user experience of a site.

Step 1: Fix Broken Links

As a website matures, so does the content. New pages may be added weekly. In the case of Hydrological Solutions, their website was 5 months mature, which is a good time to thoroughly check the website’s links. As new pages were being added, old ones needed to be re-linked, or removed. We removed a total of 100 broken links, which prevented future users from reaching a 404 error and completely abandoning their interest in the company.

Step 2: The Case for Keywords

This by far was one of the most important steps and what we attribute the success that Hydro has begun to experience.
Hydro’s number one selling item is the Aqua-Barrier Cofferdam. The ITVibes team put our Online Marketing and Content Specialist hats on and began our research. We researched the best and most used keywords that are synonymous with cofferdams. The list came out to about 100, but we narrowed it down to about 20:

Hydro Keywords
Keywords included: cofferdams, inflatable dams, aqua barrier, water barrier, water control, dewatering

Step 3: Plant the Keywords

We strategically placed five of the highest ranked cofferdam keywords into the internal content of the website. We then designated five internal website pages and linked them to each of the cofferdam keywords. This has resulted in an internal network of interlinked pages within the website and casts a wide net to capture traffic through a variety of keywords.

Step 4: Content Revamp

As digital marketing specialist we place a high value on the quality of content on our websites. From formatting to creativity and interesting information, a great amount of detail is placed in each one of our pages. We reviewed the content on each page of the Hydrological Solutions website and edited, re-formatted pictures and text, and even developed additional content to create a more dense reference of relevant information for potential users.
Additionally we wrote a completely new page to target the “negative keyword”: sandbags. Sandbags are an alternative product for water control, and in competition with the Aqua-Barrier. We wrote content that explained how Aqua-Barriers are a more efficient and beneficial tool for dewatering than sandbags. This helps capture people who are on the fence, or in the research phase of the buying process.

Step 5: Amp Up Social Media

We began to increase the Social Media presence of Hydrological Solutions by utilizing targeted marketing on Facebook and track the status every week:
Hydro Fb Insight
We post a blog every week. Each blog is well researched and written with timely and relevant information and is optimized with highly ranked keywords. Once the blog is written we post it onto Social Media outlets for thousands of users to see, and ultimately drive traffic back to the Hydrological Solutions website.

Step 6: Google Ad’s

In addition to all of the above, ITVibes created a Google Ad Campaign. We chose the five keywords from our list, and created five different ads that link back to the website. These ads pop up on the right side bar on Google when a user searches for that specific keyword:
Water Barrier

Step 7: Track Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track the traffic, bounce rate, and overall status of the website. We monitor three facets of the analytics: Audience, Acquisition, and Behavior. The figures depict the status of the website at the implementation of our website in July to September:

Audience Overview:

Depicts how many users visit the site, how long they stay, gives figures of new users vs. returning users, and the bounce rate (how any people come to the site and bounce right off)
Hydro Audience Overview

Acquisition Overview:

The data depicts where the traffic is coming from, whether it is organic, direct, or from social media:
Hydro Aquisition Overview

Behavior Overview:

This shows which pages users visit the most and how long they stay there:
Hydro Behavior Overview

These analytics show us where to modify or strengthen various aspects of our strategy.

Results 4 Months In

Our case study has reached 4 of it’s 6 month duration and we have seen fantastic results from these efforts. The bounce rates have lowered and remained at a manageable percentage.  Organic and direct traffic to the website is generating over a thousand page views per month, and the behavior depicts a large amount of traffic going to the highlighted product page. But most importantly, within the past month Hydrological Solutions has reported a drastic increase in sales in what is usually their slow period. They have had to manufacture a new stock of products because they have sold out.
ITVibes takes great pride in the service that we provide our clients. We utilize all of the tools available to drive success to your business. We are excited to view the complete results once our case study concludes, and be able to provide the same strategy for all of our existing and future clients.