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How To Determine The Value Of Digital Marketing?

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Analytics, Brand Management, digital marketing

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“Digital Marketing Is No Longer a Disruptor,
-It’s Established.”

Hindsight bias aside, today it’s clear- digital is a major part of any successful marketing campaign. The more digital media fronts that you are hitting the better, and once you see the high performing ones shift Ad spend to capitalize on them.
Digital is constantly evolving and new mediums are popping up. While tv, print, and radio are fading. That is why flexibility is key in today’s marketing environment. Because, when a medium falls out of favor with its users, and they move onto the next, better source of information, the successful business will be there waiting.

Digital Marketing, Alongside Tech Disruptors Are Now The Establishment

Digital Media Infographic
Take a look at what Airbnb and Uber are doing to the hotel and transportation industry. They haven’t just disrupted established business models- they have transformed them, becoming the defacto standard for consumers in those markets. Likewise, today Amazon is doing what Walmart did to small business in the early 90’s; completely shifting the market, changing where, and when consumers are making purchases.
“The first step for business survival in a digital era is awareness. The second- adaptability.”
Recognizing these massive shifts in business markets isn’t enough, you have to adapt to them. But how? By learning to use the digital marketing tools that are accessible to business owners- small and large alike. And if you aren’t- ensure that you find the right person who will.
For many businesses, a physical storefront with a good; location, location, location, used to be enough. But the days of consumers sourcing their products from the window of their cars are no longer the standard. Today technology is the vehicle driving consumer decisions.
With our awareness of these shifts in markets and consumer behaviors, let’s take a look at the specific value of digital marketing and how adapting new strategies can fuel our businesses continued success.

1) Connect Directly To Targeted Markets

Marketers have been targeting Ad copy to demographics since its inception but it isn’t until now, with value digital marketing, that we can micro-target specific demographics. For example, before marketers would target based on the sources viewer pool, segmented by broad terms such as age, gender, income, profession by positioning their marketing inside the mediums subscribed by these demographics. However, the value of digital marketing on tech platforms allows us to implement a  targeted strategy across all demographics simultaneously. This is a key concept, simultaneously. This allows for significant PPC micro-targeting so a campaign can accomplish two things. 1) Custom tailor effective ads to these micro-demographics, boosting conversion rates and 2) Eliminating Ad spend waste, by serving ads to only those who are targeted, thus increasing ROAS.

2)  Digital Marketing Is Mobility Marketing

SMAC- Acronym ITVibes Houston
According to Pew Research [1] cell phone ownership is up, astoundingly at 91% of all adults. This study was done 4 years ago so it is guaranteed that this number is only going to increase. This marks a decade of digital evolution, moving through the third platform of computing, which has given rise to what is now known as the SMAC stack.
Now, it’s up to the adaptable business to find effective ways to reach and communicate through these expanding channels.

3) Detailed Insight Into Consumer Behavior

Millennials are a generation born into a fully connected world, they are known as digital natives, and they consume information in completely different ways than generations past. Therefore, the way that we as advertisers reach them has to shift. They also think about advertising in different ways.
That’s why digital marketing tools that track and give insight are crucial. Sure, you could set an Ad campaign and forget it, but then you would be losing out on the fun part- optimizing and refining the strategy, finding that insight that doesn’t just justify Ad spend but also gives us the insight into the psychology of our customers- this is the value of digital marketing today. Is our messaging off? Can we focus more Ad spend on higher performing platforms, or keywords? Take a look at the data and let’s find out.

Digital Marketing Has Reached Maturity In A Digital World

Boosted ROI Is A Value of Digital Marketing Investment

The shift in how people are consuming information, and the tools enterprises use to reach them, have evolved to a point where the value of digital marketing campaigns can yield positive returns. From cloud computing and mobile 4g networks to mobile computing and VR- businesses small and large alike are making the investment.
If you’re an entrepreneur or an already established business looking to optimize, promote, and market on digital mediums; then consider contacting ITVibes, so we can build a solid strategy for your online brand.