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Houston Digital Marketing: 5 Benefits of An E-book

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Brand Management

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Smart, well-planned Houston digital marketing can propel your business to greater success. One of the most powerful tools in digital marketing is an e-book, or, electronic book. It’s a concise yet informational book which reflects a certain aspect of the services your business provides.
But, how is an e-book useful for marketing? Consider these benefits it gives your Houston digital marketing strategy.

Houston Digital Marketing and E-Books


Multi-Channel Content

Search engines look for internet content that fits search requests. In the past, much of internet content included keyword stuffing, which meant the keyword or key phrase was used in just about every sentence.
But, algorithms have changed. That means content has to actually mean something. The thin, meaningless content designed just for search-bots now counts against your rankings. The important thing now is multi-channel content, which is where e-books come in.
Multi-channel content offers a lot of information about one particular topic related to your business. Keywords are still important, but you get points for more content-heavy writing. Offering an e-book on your site increases your visibility to search engines.

Establish Your Expertise

By providing an e-book to your customers, you establish your expertise in the subject. If you own a roofing company, write an e-book about different types of asphalt shingles and their pros and cons or explain that metal roofs come in many styles. If you are a veterinarian, write an e-book on how to protect pets from insect-borne viruses.
Your e-book should contain useful information that people want or need. By giving them this information, you gain their trust.

Brand RecognitionHouston digital marketing

Marketing is often all about brand recognition. Do your customers recognize your logo? Do they know your name? Providing an e-book places your brand in the public eye. Through using an e-book in Houston digital marketing, your reputation as an expert goes hand-in-hand with brand management.

Generate Leads

One of the greatest benefits of writing an e-book is that of lead generation. Savvy business owners offer their e-book free with a response to a CTA (call to action.) For example, “Sign up now, and you’ll receive a free e-book on ‘How to Tell if Your House Has Termites.’”

Cost-Effective Advertising

Of all of the methods of promoting your business, writing an e-book about it may be the most cost- effective. Webinars can be complicated and you may consider YouTube videos to be out of your league. But you can write about what you know. An e-book should be about 10-15 pages–going over is ok, however, be careful to not make the book excessively long.

ITVibes Knows E-Books

If you would like to know more about Houston digital marketing through the use of e-books, contact ITVibes. Our marketing experts are eager to help with all of your online marketing needs.