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Content Strategy: Staying Current

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Brand Management, Business Tips, Content Management, Content Marketing, Content Strategy

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Having a well-planned content strategy is essential in this digital era. Consumers turn to the internet all day every day for research and purchases. When they happen to be looking for what you offer, you want to be easily found. You want a well-planned and professional digital marketing strategy that is always up-to-date.

Your Content Strategy at Work

Life moves at a speed no other era in history has ever seen. Everything is constantly changing, improving, or falling away. Keep your content current so consumers will find you and the content they need when they search. Consider the following when managing your content strategy:
SEO is a Moving Target.
Google makes small tweaks to its algorithm all the time, over 500 each year. Without reviewing and updating your SEO campaign frequently, you are bound to fall behind. Browsing habits also evolve over time. When a consumer is looking for what you have to offer, they may not find you. A quarterly review of your SEO campaign’s effectiveness is critical. It will allow you to make necessary changes to keep you in front of your target audience as often as possible.
Your Company and Industry Changes.
You also want your content to reflect changes that potentially affect your customers. You may have small changes to your offerings or company news from time to time that you will want to update. Sometimes changes in your industry itself will impact the content on your sites as well. Encountering bad information or out-of-date information will turn customers away, sometimes for good. It is also good to refresh your look and content periodically so it does not grow stale.
They Look for Your Company Blog.
Do you have a company blog? This is a keystone of inbound marketing and brand management. Your blog is your opportunity to engage with your target audience outside of business. With it you can entertain, educate, catch interest, and simply add value. In other words, you can establish yourself as an authority and have a conversation that builds relationships. Because this is dynamic, you want to make sure you are posting content regularly. How regularly? Well, it depends on a few things such as the nature of your business, resources, and your target audience.
Catch Them on Social Media.
There’s no need to emphasize how much most people are using social media. Social Media Marketing is another opportunity to communicate to your target audience professionally, albeit somewhat casually. It is another great avenue for building relationships. Having a steady social media campaign opens doors no other approach could. Just imagine the free publicity you could have with your posts shared across your clients’ friends and family members. Again, we come to the question of how often you should post on social media. And, again, the answer depends on your specific business, resources, and target audience.

Keeping Current is a Challenge

From SEO to changes in your business to blogs and social media, keeping your content current is challenging. It takes time, energy, and resources. Yet, if you do it, your ROI will be unmatched. You may be so busy running your business it makes your head swim just to think about it. ITVibes is a local digital marketing firm specializing in inbound marketing and content management. Contact Us today for help analyzing your content management needs and creating a digital marketing strategy for your Houston business.