7 Sure-Fire Ways to Generate More Facebook Reviews

How to Get More Facebook Reviews, ITVibes Houston Reputation Management

As a business owner, you probably have an idea of how valuable reviews are to your online reputation. People rely heavily on customer reviews and recommendations to choose where to spend their hard-earned money.

Did you know? Today, Facebook recommendations remain one of the biggest sources of “word-of-mouth” referrals for your business. Share on X

Unfortunately, dissatisfied customers are more likely to leave negative reviews than happy customers are to share their positive experience on social media. That’s why it’s crucial to learn how to generate positive reviews and 5-star ratings on your Facebook business page.

** This article assumes you’ve already adjusted your page settings to allow Recommendations and Reviews. If not, use Facebook’s Admin Guide to Moderating Your Page to complete this step first.

How to Get More Reviews on Facebook

In short, you have to ask! Typically if a customer has had a positive experience with your business, they don’t mind sharing. But people are busy, and they need to be reminded. Here are 7 ways to ethically solicit Facebook reviews from your loyal customers.

  1. Request Reviews In-Person
  2. Ask Customers to Check In
  3. Request Reviews Via Email
  4. Add a Review Widget to Your Website
  5. Use Traditional Marketing Channels, Too
  6. Hang Physical Signs as Gentle Reminders
  7. Explore Review Management Services

Pro Tip: Never Buy Facebook Reviews. Not only is it against Facebook’s policies, but your customers will see right through it.

1) Request Reviews In-Person

We have found this method to be highly effective. Happy customers that you take the time to nurture are typically eager to do you a favor if you ask them face-to-face. Often they have already shared their positive experience in a lengthy email or conversation. Ask them to copy and paste or take a quick minute to add their feedback on Facebook so that other customers can benefit from their experience with your business too. Make it easy by providing the link directly to your Facebook page so they don’t have to remember to search for it later.

2) Ask Customers to Check In

Did you know that when customers check in while at your place of business, Facebook typically automatically asks them to leave you a review? Increase your chances for check-ins by providing free guest wi-fi so users are prompted to check in while they’re on location. Make sure your employees are aware that anyone who walks through the door could potentially post a review as a reminder to keep their customer service game strong!

Pro Tip: While you shouldn’t exchange gifts or discounts for positive business reviews, you can offer something small to visitors who check-in!

3) Request Reviews Via Email

Do you send newsletters as part of your content marketing strategy? Add a button or widget to your newsletter to request reviews. The wording is key. Try something like this: “Have you had a positive experience with our business? Let others know so they can enjoy the same service!”

4) Add a Review “Call to Action” to Your Site

Designate a prominent space on your website design to include a call to action to review your business. Make it look professional and easy to use by installing a widget designed for this specific purpose.

5) Use Traditional Marketing Methods

Do you hand out flyers, send direct mailers, exchange business cards, run print ads or use any other traditional marketing method to generate business? This is another place to include review requests in your messaging.

6) Hang Signs at Your Physical Location

Another offline method to request reviews is by hanging visible signs at your business location. Place them in prominent areas around the building so that customers see the signs when doing business with you.

7) Explore Review Management Services

Soliciting Facebook reviews can be a lot of work. Not only does it take time but you also have to remember to do it. Make life easier and take control of your reviews with online review management services. These services are designed to protect and enhance your online reputation by getting more positive reviews on the most influential review sites and encouraging unhappy customers to give their feedback directly to you for resolution – thus reducing the number of negative reviews posted publicly.

Using Positive Customer Feedback to Your Advantage

Facebook is among one of the most influential review sites for local businesses. When someone has a positive customer experience, they typically don’t mind sharing their recommendations with their social media followers. Make sure you are capitalizing on that enthusiasm by providing easy ways and gentle reminders to leave their positive feedback as Facebook reviews.
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