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6 Tips to Help You Receive Good Online Reviews

by | Aug 9, 2015 | Brand Management, Business News, Business Tips, Houston Web Design, Mobile Marketing, Online Marketing

Feedback Mouse ConceptA smart shopper is an informed shopper and many people use the internet to view customer reviews before making a purchase or deciding which restaurant, movie, or service to use. This places customer reviews as a very important aspect in sales. Both good and bad reviews play pivotal roles in a business’s reputation.  The more good reviews a business has, the more likely people will be to use it.  However, one bad review can place a tarnish on an otherwise shiny reputation.  Ultimately the only control over our customers is the service that we provide them.  Court Cunningham from the Houston Business Journal has outlined 6 tips that can help you generate more positive reviews for your business:

1.  “Ask when your customer is smiling”

“Seize the moment, and ask for a review after you’ve wowed your clients.” Customers are more inclined to provide you with a positive review when they are happy with your service.  The key is timing, simply ask the for a review once you see that they are happy and appreciative of your service.

2. “Be Bold”

Don’t be shy! Use confidence, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude when asking.  Many customers, if satisfied with your service, will gladly comply.

3. “Make it easy”

Provide clear links or specific instructions for your customers to provide a review.  The easier the process, the more reviews you will get.

4. Integrate your employees

Ask your employees to request a review from all of your satisfied customers.  Make sure that each employee understands the importance of positive reviews, and they have specific instructions on how to obtain those reviews.

5. “Follow up with your customers”

If you have noticed that a happy customer has not yet left a review, do not be afraid to follow up with them and request one.  Begin with another thank you for their business, and kindly ask if they can provide you with a review of their experience.

6. Showcase your positive reviews

Place your positive reviews on your website.  Interested clients will end up on your site anyway, and highlighting previous positive experiences will help your potential customer in their decision to proceed with your company.
As mentioned previously, the only control over our clients is the service that we provide them.  A bad review is inevitable, but should not be discouraging.  What we can do is utilize these tips to create a generous flow of positive reviews around our businesses making the buying choice easy for our potential customers.
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