5 Tips to Combat Content Creation Burnout

Content encompasses all information and experiences aimed at a specific audience. Content can be conveyed through virtually any medium, including videos, blog posts, news articles and social media posts. Regularly creating content requires diligence, research, preparation and a certain degree of connectedness.

Warning Signs of Burnout

Burnout is not unique to any particular industry. Whether you’re a baker or a business owner managing your own marketing, high demand and the need for consistent production can make a person feel as though they’re in a vacuum. Perpetual fatigue, a lack of motivation and disinterest in your work can all signal the beginning stages of burnout. 

1) Treat the Disease

When it comes to content burnout, treat the disease, not the symptoms. If you are exhausted and unfocused, caffeine will only get you so far. Unless you identify and fix the core issue, you’re essentially putting a band-aid on a bullet hole. As soon as you begin to feel the beginning stages of burnout, it’s time to make meaningful changes. 

2) Unplug

In the marketing industry, most will admit to having an unhealthy attachment to analytics. When you post something or launch a new campaign, you probably find yourself constantly checking on it. Perhaps you handle social media content and have a hard time ignoring the stream of notifications. Whatever the case may be, unplugging from technology can greatly reduce anxiety and prevent over-consumption. As content creators, one would think that most of your time is spent creating, but due to the accessibility of other content, many creatives find themselves in a spiral of over-consumption masked as research.

3) Delegate

In the past, burnout was worn like a badge of honor; proof that you’d worked yourself into poor health and bad habits. Modern employers recognize that burnout increases turnover, decreases employee productivity and creates a generally miserable environment. With that in mind, delegation can help ease the burden of workload and prevent burnout before it takes hold. Delegation is not the same as dumping your workload but should involve an efficient reshuffling of tasks. Doing so can empower subordinates to create their own content, which will only improve productivity and quality. 

4) Find a New Angle

If you write your own content, you may find yourself approaching content creation from the same angle, week after week. This gets boring not only for you, but for your audience. Try to find a new angle to explore. If your business produces medical products, take a break from churning out technical information aimed at distributors and try producing content from a human angle. Who uses your product? What conditions might they benefit?

5) Don’t Make Big Decisions

One of the worst aspects of burnout is that it hinders your ability to produce high quality, original content. You may feel as though you just can’t do it anymore, which can make the temptation to quit very appealing. Take a breath and step back. Remember that burnout is temporary and usually very easily reversed. Refrain from making big decisions under the stress and strain you’re feeling. if you’re a business owner trying to juggle it all on your own, consider using a brand management company to handle content creation for you. 

Burnout Recovery

The first step to burnout recovery is to take control of the situation. Start small, making a daily task schedule and sticking to it. If you know that from noon to 2pm you should be researching keyphrases for search engine optimization, turn off any email or social media notifications and focus solely on the task at hand. Prioritize deadlines to ensure that the most important work always gets done.  

Maintaining Balance

Setting boundaries and maintaining a good work/personal life balance is crucial to avoid burnout. Before admitting to burnout, you might feel like you’re holding your breath, waiting for the bottom to drop out. When you’re finally able to talk about it openly and determine a course of action, it’s like you’re finally able to exhale. While you may feel embarrassed by your perceived lack of efficiency, admitting to burnout can provide the tools and support you need to overcome it.

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Michele Redmon
Web Content Writer AUTHOR: ITVibes
Michele is a web content writer at ITVibes in The Woodlands, Texas. She graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Criminal Psychology. Her writing has been featured on several websites, including Huffington Post and Hello Giggles. Michele enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and watching true crime documentaries with her cats.