Setting Up a Great Work-from-Home Office

Setting Up a Great Work-from-Home Office, ITVibes, The Woodlands, TX

At this point, the coronavirus needs no introduction. Everyone knows what it is and everyone is probably sick of seeing it on social media and all over the news constantly. What seems to be getting less attention is the number of people who are now working from home as workplaces close down to protect their employees.
If you’re able to continue working from home during the pandemic, you’re probably dealing with the distractions and questions often associated with working at home. On the one hand, you can relax more at home, but how much relaxation causes your productivity to suffer? Where and how should you set up your workstation? Here’s a few ideas on getting settled into a long-term work from home routine.
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Practical Things to Consider

Setting up at an office at home does place a few restrictions on you. First of all, remember that you’ll be at home with your family and/or pets, who will want your attention from time to time. They may also be making noise elsewhere in the home. Find a place away from distractions and try to minimize how many intrusive elements you have to deal with.
Second, what about storage? You may not have as much room or storage furnishings at home. Invest in some desk organizers, wall- or corner-mounted shelves, and other clever ways to keep your work necessities near you but out of the way.
Finally, what kind of equipment do you use? Do you need multiple monitors or quick access to a printer? Make sure you have room for all your technology (and enough sockets to plug it all in!). Your home office setup should allow you to have all your equipment easily accessible and running at all times.

Personalizing Your Home Office

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your workspace. Why not dress it up to your tastes? Hang photos on the wall or bring in some favorite decorative items to fill an empty spot on the desk. Your shelves and organizers can be part of this too! Find desk equipment or accessories in your favorite colors and make your desk a place where you’d love to hang out.

Pro Tip: Make designing your home office your new DIY project! Find inspiration on websites like Pinterest to see how other people designed their offices.

Promote Your Own Health

As an increasing number of desk workers worry about being too sedentary, remember that you can make your home office more compatible with a healthier lifestyle. You control the furniture you use, after all! Try adding a standing desk or extender to convert a seated desk into a standing desk. Place your work station near a window for a healthy dose of natural light and fresh air. Use ergonomic furniture and equipment to help keep your body in comfortable positions and avoid potential injury. Remember, your own physical and mental health should always be a priority. And if you’re fortunate enough to be able to design your own office space, take full advantage of this to make an office best suited to your needs.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

As the world continues to focus on the coronavirus, remember that setting up a pleasant work-at-home office for yourself will not only allow you to stay productive, but also promote your mental health during these stressful times. Give yourself the perfect office space to get work done and get through the pandemic.
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