What Makes a Good Blog Post Introduction?

What Makes a Good Blog Post Introduction, ITVibes Digital Marketing, Houston, TX

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Blog Writing

In a dating relationship, playing “hard to get” has become a common way of drawing a person in. Little by little, intrigue and attraction motivates each person to delve deeper and learn new things about the other.
A blog post introduction works in the same way.
If you want your readers to stick around and read your blog in its entirety, the first paragraph is the most important factor. Let’s look at what components should be kept in mind when writing a blog introduction.
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Why Write a Good Introduction?

Blog posts are an essential part of any website’s content marketing toolbox. From ranking on Google to building a brand’s voice, blogs are a great way to engage your target audience and provide valuable insights.
Since there’s no doubt that you should start a blog, there are certain components that will make one blog better than others. A good introduction is the best place to start.
The first paragraph of any blog post is an invitation to read your content. Since users typically read 20% of the words on the page and tend to resort to scanning the content for whatever jumps off the page, the introductory paragraph is often the precursor of what’s to come. If users are intrigued by the first few sentences, they’ll be more likely to read the rest of your post.

Three Essential Features

Every blog introduction, whether you’re talking about the latest fashion trends or the workings of a generator, should contain these three features:

  • Hook – Often the first sentence, you have to entice or “hook” your reader to keep reading. This can usually be in form of a question, statistic, quote, or even a word phrase.
  • Transition – This is the part of your introduction that will help tie the first intriguing thought with the topic of your article. Readers clicked on your blog entry for a reason, and this is the part that will provide some clarity between the title and introduction.
  • Thesis – Last but certainly not least, it’s important to complete your blog introduction with a simple summary of what the article is about. It should briefly summarize your blog content and give your readers the motivation to continue reading.

Pro Tip: Before you hit publish, be sure to read your post from start to finish to ensure that your introduction is a clear representation of the actual blog contents.

Blog Introduction Ideas

If writing a blog post that will keep readers interested in your brand starts with your introduction, you may be wondering what intro ideas are more intriguing than others. Here’s a list of popular blog post ideas to consider when writing your first paragraph:

  • Keep it short and sweet by getting straight to the point
  • Ask a question to your target audience doesn’t already know the answer to
  • List an interesting fact or statistic
  • Share a humorous anecdote
  • Give a brief personal story
  • Use a metaphor or simile that relates to your industry
  • Entice readers in by withholding key information at the beginning
  • Describe a problem that needs to be solved

Content Marketing that Excels

When you’re trying to promote your business, a blog is a perfect way to give readers an in-depth look at a particular topic. Introductions, much like first impressions, are an important part of any article worth sharing. Give your readers content they can’t refuse with a blog post built to intrigue from the beginning.
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