3 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic in 2020

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by | Jan 3, 2020 | Blog Writing

If you’ve ever written a blog, you know how time-consuming that can be. From topic planning to keyword research, outlining, and finally writing; the process can take hours. If you aren’t getting any traffic to your blog, all of the time and energy you spent working on your blog post will be for nothing. 
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How to Stand out in the Search Results

In 2020, it’s no secret that news travels instantly across social networks. Whether it’s the latest tech trend, pop culture update, or breaking news; hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people are oftentimes searching for the same or similar keyphrase simultaneously. How can your blog posts stand out enough to get clicks, drive search traffic, and ultimately bring you more leads? 

  1. Quality is Key
  2. What Does Your Target Market Want?
  3. Create Genuine Relationships

1) Quality is Key

Your audience and followers are looking at your blog as a source for accurate information on your niche subject matter. High quality, great content is what gets more clicks, outshines other articles on search engines, and keeps the user engaged. Rather than producing as many fluffy blogs as you can, use your time and skills to improve each post by monitoring Google Analytics and finetuning your content. 

2) What Does Your Target Market Want?

Your organic traffic strategy depends on what your target market wants or needs. Take advantage of free, online resources to track and listen to what people are saying. 

Pro Tip: With voice-activated smart speakers in millions of homes, you should start targeting long-tail keywords in your content marketing strategy

3) Create Genuine Relationships

Even though you’re communicating virtually, authenticity shines through, even on the internet. A super useful way to build relationships is through email marketing. Build an email list of previous customers, clients, or partners and share your content to drive traffic to your blogs. Be responsive and present to your followers across your social media platforms. 


While millions of people write blogs around the world, it’s not easy to maintain a consistent content flow. A lot more goes into running a successful blog than just writing decent content. Research, quality, and relationships are key. Interested in beginning your own SEO strategy? Reach out to our team of content managers to learn more.