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Successful PPC Campaign: Whats Involved?

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Analytics, PPC

Run a Successful PPC Campaign By The Book

What’s the difference between a successful PPC Campaign and one that isn’t? Attention to detail and understanding all the moving parts in the machine. We aren’t the only ones out there trying to capture the attention of an audience. Before we begin we want to determine the value of digital marketing and how it will impact our strategy. Also, we want our Ads to stand out from the competition and drive action quickly. This process involves a lot of moving parts and that is what we will be going over in today’s blog, the big picture.

Today is a no frills overview of what it takes to build a successful PPC Campaign.

Research- Before even beginning a Google PPC Campaign the first thing we do here at ITVibes is extensive research. Market research, competitor research, and keyword research are all vital components to a successful PPC Campaign.
Set Up The Account For Success – After the research, we begin implementing our strategy inside the Google Adwords account. We want to get off to the best start as possible so we want to set the account up with the optimal options right from the start. Tips to setting up an optimized PPC Campaign Include:
Targeting Demographics– In settings adjust the geo-location property to serve Ads “only in this location” to ensure spend is taking place where we want it to.
Organized Ad-Groups– Structured that is in-line with the Adwords Keyword Match Type Modifiers for that Ad-Group.
Optimal Keyword Input– We want to hit our converting market terms with our spend while budgeting our broad terms.
Ad-Scheduling– Particularly if running a limited budget then think about scheduling for high volume times and days. We don’t want our per day Ad-spend to be too thin.
Optimize and Improve– Once the research is done and the account set up, then we want to write excellent Ad-Copy. A/B test the Ad-Copy early and often. Include call to actions, value props, and specials to entice users to take action on your Ad.
Don’t Forget Strong Landing Pages– Optimize the landing page with a focus on lowering bounce rates and increasing action on that page. There is no point paying to drive traffic to an irrelevant or unfinished landing page.
Enable Campaign Tracking– From start to finish, PPC Management Campaign Tracking should be integrated. Part of the initial research includes understanding how conversions on the site are going to be tracked. We like to measure phone calls as a conversion with call tracking software, but we can track conversions on many things; button clicks, initiated live chat, subscribed newsletters. Without accurate conversion tracking we wouldn’t be able to determine how our successful PPC campaign is working.

Successful PPC Campaigns Don’t Build Themselves

This 5 point overview is not an in depth guide into how to build a successful PPC Campaign; instead it should be looked at as a primer. Each bullet point has many possible strategies and optimal choices but here you get a bird’s eye view of what is involved. So take this guide; and research how to do PPC research, then research how to make the right choices in setting up the account, then research how to write Ad-Copy, etc- so then when you have all the pieces you can build a worthwhile, high ROI Ad-Campaign right from the start.
If you’re an entrepreneur or an already established business looking to optimize, promote, and market on digital mediums; then consider contacting ITVibes, so we can build a solid strategy for your online brand.