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Keywords, Meta Tags, Content

Do you want more brand visibility on search engines? If so, a crucial factor is website optimization, also called onsite optimization. Website optimization is a necessary component of Houston SEO practices–without it, your site will not organically rank on the first pages of Google. Website optimization makes your site SEO friendly by optimizing and using keyword integration for items such as:

  • Page titles
  • SEO titles
  • Slugs
  • Meta descriptions
  • Content
  • Internal links

The three key areas to consider when optimizing a website are navigation, design, and content.


Easy navigation plays a major role in helping the search engine robots to crawl and index your site’s content seamlessly. The internal links to the pages within your website help both visitors and search engines to easily navigate between pages.


Your website’s design and layout need to use SEO techniques from the beginning as it’s being designed and developed. It’s important for your design to be attractive and functional while using consistent branding throughout the site.

Consider these SEO standards when creating a web design.

Say No To Flash Avoid Flash driven animation on the pages which is not Google and Mobile friendly. It is also expensive to make any small changes in the future. Rather use JavaScript with HTML5 to create animation effects which is completely Search Engine and Mobile (iPhone, Android, iPad) friendly.
HTML/CSS Validation The Website source code is checked for errors and inappropriate design elements that may be prohibiting search robots from reading the code effectively. W3C guidelines need to be followed to avoid redundant and excessive code to make sure the search engines can easily crawl and index all content.
Meta Tag Optimization Keywords in page names, titles, and descriptions need to be embedded for each page in the site. Proper use of Title tags (<title></title>), Descriptions helps in proper indexing.


Content is King when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. A thorough content and keywords strategy is vital to help search engines determine on how to index the site and to which keyword phrases the site should be shown in the organic search results. Before writing any page content, major searched keywords in that industry need to be analyzed. Simple and Well written content-driven sites not only improve the optimization but also make visitors comfortable, and connect with the website  improving the conversion rate to prospects. Points to be considered:  

HTML Tags Using proper Header tags (i.e. H1, H2, H3), Paragraph (<p></p>), Link (<a></a>), Image tag with Alt and Title (<img alt=”” title=”” /> help the search engines to know the hierarchy of the page and index the content smoothly. It’s important to enclose the top content in a H1 header tag and to make sure the header and the first paragraph include the targeted keywords.
Keyword density Pages need to have optimal amount of content to help both the search engines and website visitors understand the information. The top keywords selected should be naturally integrated as phrases into the page content. Although search engines should be taken into account, the needs of the users come first in making the information readable and sensible accomplishing the end goals of the site.

We Got You Covered

All our website designs come with built in Onsite Optimization as part of our SEO strategy. We offer packages that completely integrate into our Website design and Marketing services. We create and implement organic search engine optimization to boost your website’s search engine ranking, and inbound traffic to help with lead generation. We have implemented Search Engine Optimization that exceeded clients’ expectations. We did it many times. We can do it again for you! Contact our SEO specialists today to get started with your Website design and Optimization.