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Local Search Marketing

Local Search Optimization

The search engines are constantly improving the search experience to the consumers as part of the Houston Web Design search optimization. We live in the age of the social web. Online browsing experience has become more personalized and adaptable for personal interests. As Mobile search, Social and Location based search gain importance; consumers see different search results for the same keywords.

It’s about you

Google and other search engines are focusing vastly on personalizing search results along with localization. The information shown is based on your previous search & browsing history, and your geographic location. Results vary if you are in Houston or Dallas. Google uses the IP address of the internet connections to provide search results that are location focused, even if you do not include a location in the search phrase.

They also factor in social media for the best user experience using your interactions, recommendations and participation on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Take an example of online shopping sites like Amazon, Staples or Buy.com. The complete shopping experience is personalized. The sites knows who you are what products you browsed before, what products you liked or shared with friends on social media and they customize recommendations based on that information.

If your business is not on Google, then where is it?

Local Search Facts

  • 71% of all online searches are related to local businesses – Google
  • 84% of local consumers follow up with a call or an email after the search – TMP/Comscore
  • 67% of users start with online local search than looking in Yellow Pages – Comscore
  • 58% of users search for local businesses with an intent to buy
  • 51% of consumers use a location in their search Ex: ‘Chiropractor in Houston’, ‘Woodlands Web Design’, Texas Website Design’
  • Consumer reviews are important for local search ranking – Google
  • Sites optimized for Mobile have better Search Optimization – Google
  • Time spent by users on your website matters for Search Optimization – Google

Well, is this all new and overwhelming to you? Do you know how to use location based search strategy for your business? Do you understand that the search results are now influenced by social media interactions and feeds?

If you are struggling to understand the steps, information and the new rules in search engine optimization we can help. We offer packages and information on Local Search Marketing strategies to enhance your online visibility, to target more local customers, to acquire new clients, increase sales and develop local brand recognition.

We can help you  with

  • Location based search strategy
  • Local Maps (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Local business directories
  • Geo-tagging & Social connect
  • Places, Check ins, Local business rewards  (Google +, Facebook, Four Square, Gowalla, Loopt)
  • Review sites (Yelp, Zagat)
  • Local content strategy
  • Keywords analysis