Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of a website. We used to think that eye catching designs and interesting pictures would draw an audience to our page.  However, the success of your site depends on many things, and content is number one.  Not only does your content have to be interesting, informative, and relevant, but it should also be optimized for search engines.  It is important to understand how SEO affects your content and ultimately how people will find you on Google. In the process of learning how to make your content SEO friendly, we may encounter several mistakes that can be limiting the potential of our websites.  Webmag.co has a very helpful list of SEO Mistakes to avoid to make sure that we have the most optimized content on our website: Wrong Keywords: Using Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find keywords that are verified by statistics that show which keywords your target market is using.   Amateur Website Design: You get what you pay for here.  A professional website is engaging and easy to navigate.  Can you spot the professional? Irrelevant Content: This can include random placement of keywords, or using keywords and titles that do not match the content.   Failing to Track Data and Improve: This is a big one! Learning how to use Google Analytics helps you keep on track of your website’s statistics and see how many people come to your site and how they behave.  This helps you create strategies to fix undesirable results.   Something Set to Auto Play: This is a sure fire way to make someone jump off...
ITVibes and HICC Host Social Media for Business Growth Seminar Series

ITVibes and HICC Host Social Media for Business Growth Seminar Series

ITVibes is very excited to be partnering with The Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce to bring its members and the community valuable information on using Social Media for Business. The HICC is an organization that provides services and events that focus on tangible business results and teach their members and the community how to measure the effectiveness of their efforts. They are an international organization and have several foreign consulates and members from numerous countries such as Mexico, China, Malta, Canada, Japan, and England. Our experience at ITVibes creating integrated websites as marketing solutions with mobile strategy, Social Media branding and Local Search Engine Optimization with high lead generation and conversion rates is shared with our community through ongoing informational seminars. Our partnership with HICC reflects the core values of each organization. Both HICC and ITVIbes ongoing educational events and services add value to business and the community by bringing innovative strategy and information to help businesses adapt and thrive in an ever changing environment. Below is a video of HICC President Reggie Gray speaking about our partnership:   The lecture series is led by ITVibes President Siva Yenneti, and provides an introduction and overview of the benefits and potential of Social Media business. The series emphasizes the major Social Media networks that businesses need to utilize to become competitive forces in online marketing and business. Each lecture highlights different aspects of using Social Media and how to measure the effectiveness of those efforts. The series is suitable for all business owners and employees with all experience levels. Each seminar offers introductory and intermediate level information. Anyone interested in learning how to optimize businesses’ online presence...
Quality Content vs. Black Hat SEO

Quality Content vs. Black Hat SEO

In his article for HubSpot, “Confessions of a Google Spammer,” former black hat SEO writer Jeff Deutsch explained why going the “black hat” SEO route is a very bad idea, and why producing quality content and using an inbound marketing approach is the way to go instead. What does “black hat SEO” mean? It essentially means using unethical methods to boost your ratings on search engines. Black hat SEO is writing exclusively for the search engines rather than trying to provide good content for your clients or your clients’ customers or potential customers. It is not only frowned upon in the SEO community and annoying to read, it also puts the whole site at risk, because if the search engine discovers that black hat SEO methods are being used, it could be kicked from its spot in the rankings or even banned. This could destroy your business, because if no one can find you online, they may not know you exist. And if they don’t know you exist, how can they hire you? What are examples of black hat SEO methods? • Keyword stuffing. This is where you pack lots of keywords into your site without any content to accompany them. Yes, of course you need to have keywords in your content; but if keywords are all you have, with no other information, or they don’t make sense in the content, you are playing with fire. The search engine will eventually catch on and classify your site as spam and bump you. • Invisible text. This is using text that is the same color as the background. It tries...

Is Your Small Business Ready For Big Growth?

The Woodlands economy is growing. Are you ready for the growth? Is your web branding ready for the growth? These are important questions you should be asking yourself right now. Several major retailers are planning to open stores in The Woodlands in the next 12 months, adding hundreds of new jobs to an already robust retail employment market, according to Impact News. Whole Foods, Costco, and HEB, just to name a few, will be opening stores soon in The Woodlands. Not to mention all the jobs coming to the greater Houston area because of the Exxon Mobil mega campus. As our local economy soars, the opportunity for you to grow your business is now better than ever. That means you need to get your name out there. When was the last time you updated your website? If you can’t remember or it’s been more than a year then it’s time to revise your content, make sure your site is SEO friendly, and start blogging again. Your website’s content should be updated at least twice a year. Google is constantly scanning your content, and if it’s not dynamic, then you won’t receive or keep your high ranking on the search engines. It’s also time to rethink your overall branding. If you haven’t put much thought, time, or money into online marketing then now is the right time to do that. Take advantage of this growth opportunity and get a head start on all the other businesses out there. Does your logo need an overhaul, are you posting weekly on the social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and are you blogging each...

6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic and Sales

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of ranking a Houston website high on organic search results of a search engine like Google for relevant search terms (keywords & phrases) entered by consumers. The search engines use a set of rules and check points in their algorithm to determine the ranking of websites. It’s noteworthy to understand how Google, leader in search engines, works in terms of the organic optimization and White Hat methods (other than the paid option). Google is known to change their search algorithm constantly to improve the search experience of the online consumers. About 86% of the buyers in current generation use search engines to research products and services before making their purchasing decision. Hence, it’s vital that your business website is fully optimized for search engines so potential clients can find you quickly and easily before they can find your competition. The changes in the Google’s algorithm emphasize on 6 main factors. 1. Content Freshness Original content that has a time-stamp of 3 yrs, 3 months, 3 days, 3 hrs, 3 mins matter now. The latest the better. Hence, regular updates on the Blog help in getting the website re-indexed by the bots. Also, ongoing Social Media posts create fresh content for optimization if integrated to the Website. 2. Social Media As businesses move into 21st century, social collaboration is important for businesses to create an active online relationship and engagement with their loyal and potential customers. Google personalizes search results based on consumers’ social interactions and sifts through feeds for latest content. More Marketing Tips Seven Ways to Increase Facebook Business Page Likes Measuring Business Website Marketing How...