How Houston Conferences Can Maximize Activity Using Social Media

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How Houston Conferences Can Maximize Activity Using Social Media

Houston Conferences including trade shows, The Woodlands Economic Outlook Conference, business expos, seminars, and local exhibitions help communities connect and create business opportunities. Communities’ success depends on knowing the right kind of people and information. Conferences’ success depends on providing a common ground to meet those right people and find that right information. Social Media is widely accepted and used in the communities. Using Social Media can help create a bigger exposure and awareness about the conference and it’s activities. The power of Social Media can be harnessed during all the 3 stages of a Conference. 1. Before the conference This is like a pre-party. The online conversations on Social Media can start even before the conference commences. Social networking sites can be used to discuss about the agenda, speakers, topics presented,  sponsors and the conference’s activities. This helps in creating a deeper relationships with the audience and in creating an excessive interest and attendees. Using Website and Blog to talk about various topics, hashtags in Twitter, interactive discussions on LinkedIn Groups, teaser videos to YouTube and updates on Facebook can create multiple channels of communications and exposure. Social Media presents a nice opportunity to the event’s team to create polls, to ask questions to learn the audience’s issues and expectations. This helps the team in creating a better agenda and activities to draw more crowd and to create effective results. 2. During the conference Social Media can help in creating a real time updates as the conference progresses connecting the attendees to the outside world. People who could not attend the conference can also participate through Social connections. The...