Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of a website. We used to think that eye catching designs and interesting pictures would draw an audience to our page.  However, the success of your site depends on many things, and content is number one.  Not only does your content have to be interesting, informative, and relevant, but it should also be optimized for search engines.  It is important to understand how SEO affects your content and ultimately how people will find you on Google. In the process of learning how to make your content SEO friendly, we may encounter several mistakes that can be limiting the potential of our websites.  Webmag.co has a very helpful list of SEO Mistakes to avoid to make sure that we have the most optimized content on our website: Wrong Keywords: Using Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find keywords that are verified by statistics that show which keywords your target market is using.   Amateur Website Design: You get what you pay for here.  A professional website is engaging and easy to navigate.  Can you spot the professional? Irrelevant Content: This can include random placement of keywords, or using keywords and titles that do not match the content.   Failing to Track Data and Improve: This is a big one! Learning how to use Google Analytics helps you keep on track of your website’s statistics and see how many people come to your site and how they behave.  This helps you create strategies to fix undesirable results.   Something Set to Auto Play: This is a sure fire way to make someone jump off...

Social Media Marketing Boosts Local Search Engine Optimization

Your product or service is not what you say it is. It’s what Google and people say it is. 92% of the consumers start with search engines and social media recommendations to research local businesses in Houston, The Woodlands and surrounding areas before making their buying decision. Social Media promotions and campaigns are driving the next generation search optimization that helps position your Houston Website Design on Google and other search engines’ top pages. Google changes it’s search algorithm as often as 3 months. They are making it more personalized and streamlined to create better social search experience to their consumers (you and me). Connecting and engaging with local consumers increases brand awareness, the reputation of your business and will help to drive sales. The ability to reach out to your audience on a personal level is vital. Social media also helps to create loyal followers who will become marketing advocates of your brand through word of mouth online. Social Media is directly tied to search engines Viral content strategy creates back links, and local exposure. Blogs and user generated content are important for both search engines & Social Media. More content = more chances to show up on search engines. Social interaction and engagement drives search rankings. Comments, votes, likes, shares and any other Social activity creates brand optimizaiton. Inbound links are vouchers from external sites confirming to search engines that your content is valuable. Media sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and slide share are already part of Search engine rankings and all the content created on these sites get optimized. A tweet containing a link gains popularity across...

Targeted Lead Generation with Location Based Search Marketing

Almost about 80% of the online searches on search engines are related to the local content. Most of the internet buyers are looking for local businesses to find the products or the services for their needs. They use location based keywords to find businesses closer to their zip codes to follow up with a call or a visit to buy offline. Search engines, Social Media sites, Mobile sites and local directories are catering to the location based information based on the new generation users’ expectations. Search engines like Google are implementing these changes to their algorithm to show search results based on the visitors’ previous search history, browsing behavior, and their interaction with Social Media sites. Their goal is to personalize the consumer’s online experience and to provide pinpointed information quickly. Even though about 52% of the consumers use location in their search like, ‘Houston Web Design‘, ‘Woodlands Commercial Realtor’ etc. Google uses IP address to target the location of the search request to serve the results around that area. More Marketing Tips Business Website Marketing Techniques Measuring Business Website Marketing How Law Firms Can Generate Leads Have you spread the word out? 5 Ways to Increase Sales It’s important for local businesses, local franchises and local stores to understand the importance of the location based strategy. By 2013, the online searches generated from the Smart phones will be higher than the searches from laptop. Smart phones are portable and use location services including Geo-tagging, Check ins, and localization. Google optimization is influenced by the mobile friendliness and browsing experience of the websites. It’s imperative to setup your business profile...

Measuring Business Website Marketing

With new revolutionary online marketing strategies gaining momentum to market your Houston web design site  it has become increasingly important for small business owners to realize their Marketing budgets and efforts. The biggest challenge is to measure on what’s working and what’s not so to spend the time and budget most efficiently that directly impact sales and bottom line. Why Measure? With Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing taking the front seat for Website Marketing to generate leads and to attract prospective clients it’s highly advisable to measure how these are working for your business’ success. Here are few factors what measuring could result in: Increase in inbound leads Lowered expenses & budgets Streamlined operations Leveraged time spent Business growth Bigger ROI Know your Goals Before you can measure the efforts, do you even know your goals? Everyone’s business is different and hence the goals. As a first step list the goals so you can create the measuring steps around those. Here are few examples of the website goals to consider: Increase visitors interaction in requesting more information or appointments Increase online purchases from online store Improve site rankings on search engine Increase time spent on the website Drive visitors to signing up for newsletters Attracting visitors to join and follow you on Social Media networks What can you measure? There are various tools in the market to make the measuring and analysis easy. Taking advantage of the features inside the tools can quantify your efforts and improve streamlining your time and efforts. Website Analytics Monitoring the traffic sources, referring sites, the keywords used to find your site,...

5 ways to increase sales for your business growth

Last week we attended a seminar in The Woodlands on ‘5 Ways to Business Growth’  presented by Bart de Jong, CEO ActionCOACH North West Houston, a Business Coaching Firm. It was good 2 hrs spent understanding (reminding) different aspects on Commitment, Sales, Marketing, Conversion and Measurement that directly impact growth potential of any Small Business. In the seminar session we also played an interesting game. Bret gave us 7 minutes to go around the room to collect business cards. While getting the cards he also wanted us to note down the major problem in the card givers business. Whoever collected the most cards wins. I went around getting cards from people noting down their issue. Almost everyone I met expressed the same problem “Finding more customers to grow their business”. Of course, is it not every businesses’ biggest problem? Finding ways to increase Sales. After I skimmed through the seminar notes, I was able to round up top 5 ways to improve sales: 1. Increase Conversion Rate Conversion rate is measured by the number of contacts who after checking your services and profile are willing to contact you for further questions or next steps. Your Website plays a vital role in building this conversion rate. So, make sure you have a website that works as your first marketing tool, selling your services, trust and confidence to your visitors 24×7 and helping convert them to prospects and customers. 2. Track Sales and Build Retention An existing customer is worth as much as 5 prospects or more. Remember to reach out to them with best customer service, and additional services to support their...