5 Reasons to Run Ads with Adwords

Your business runs off of leads, so why not put your business in front of as many potential leads as possible? Building and converting leads is the objective of an Adwords PPC campaign. However, sometimes business owners can be leery of marketing techniques when traditionally that money has gone out without any measurements on how it is returning.

With an Adwords PPC Campaign, Now Your Efforts Are Measurable

In addition to website optimization and onsite SEO; Google AdWords is a powerful tool for marketing your business and there are numerous reasons to invest the time, effort and money into using it. The bottom line is, If used properly, it can increase sales and provide excellent ROI.

Here are the top 5 reasons to run an AdWords PPC campaign for your business.

1) It Is Measurable

Plenty of Adwords PPC metrics offer your campaign a measuring stick to determine success. Unlike traditional marketing techniques such as print, radio, and television; with measurable data, you can gauge how well your campaign is running.

2) It Is Flexible

Customizable options give you the opportunity to run your Adwords PPC marketing campaign tailored specifically to your needs. Changes can be made on the fly, and you’re not locked into an annual contract.

3) It Is ROI-Friendly With Cost Controls

Running an Adwords PPC campaign gives you the opportunity to accurately calculate your return on ad spend (ROAS). Giving you the insight to determine the benefits of your marketing dollars.  

4) Results Are Instant and Transparent

Watch your marketing results in real time and analyze that data flowing in. With metrics on hand; changes can be made on the fly to capture more leads, and lower overall Ad spend.

5) Helps You Stand Out And Provides High-Quality Leads

Running an Adwords PPC campaign means that your business shows on the top of the SERPS (search engine results page) allowing you to produce relevant ads and content directed to specific targeted audiences. Gain an advantage over any competitor not utilizing this marketing technique.

You Can’t Afford Not To Use AdWords

It’s a fact of living a digital marketing life, Google dominates the search engine market, covering more than 80% over their competitors. That means that in order to gain an edge in your market you need to be visible and get listed on the Google search engine. How do you do that? with your onsite SEO and/ or an AdWords PPC campaign. The ability to gain visibility with PPC, the flexibility to run ads to fit within a budget, and measure them in terms of dollars spent makes running an Adwords campaign a no-brainer. 

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Zack Henderson
Zack Henderson moved to Houston from Oklahoma and has lived here long enough to be considered both a Texan and Houstonian. He studied mathematics at the University of Houston and proceeded to work at honing his entrepreneurial spirit and build his own business- working to market and convert leads to sales. Passionate about marketing and using digital mediums, the move to ITVibes was a natural fit. In his free time, Zack is an avid reader, who enjoys cycling, spending time with friends and family, and generally being outdoors.