A Powerful Tool for Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness may feel like an elusive goal. There is so little time and so much work to keep your business running. You wonder about the best use of your marketing dollars. Consider the following tips on the impact of a company blog on your brand.

7 Ways Your Blog Builds Brand Awareness

A company blog is a powerful tool for building your brand. If a website establishes your web identity, a blog draws people to you. It’s your channel for direct communication with your clients. An opportunity for an ongoing conversation. Consider these 7 benefits of a company blog for your brand:

1) Increase your website traffic.

Chances are the content on your website doesn’t change all that often. You probably only have a handful of pages which remain constant over long periods of time. It makes sense. Web design is vital but think about this: every blog you post is a new page on your website for search engines to pick up. Another hook in the water for the fish you seek to find you. Frequent quality content will continue to drive traffic to your website.

2) Generate leads.

A blog is not typically a place to sell products. It’s a place to connect with your clients. However, by adding a call-to-action, every blog posts becomes an opportunity to generate leads. Especially if you are providing high-quality valuable content on topics your target audience is interested in. The call-to-action prompts the reader to engage with your company in one way or another. It could be a free ebook, a webinar, or a simple “Contact Us for more information.” With the call-to-action, your company blog will generate more leads for your sales team.

3) Establish your authority.

Generating consistent valuable content sets you apart as an authority in your industry and to your clients. The more valuable the content, the greater it enhances your authority. Think of your blog as an opportunity to answer common questions your clients and target audience have. Generating consistent valuable content over time establishes you as a leader in your field. Your clients will come to you.

4) Support your social media initiatives.

The key to a successful social media marketing strategy is frequent quality content. You will certainly draw from other sources, but a blog provides you with a steady flow of content to share. And just think, each company blog post you share on social media points readers back to you. Not just them, but anyone they share it with as well. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

5) Connect with your customers.

Think of your blog as a way of adding that personal, human touch to your business. With it, you can make people laugh, touch their hearts, and engage their minds. You can address issues your clients are concerned about. You can give your clients a peek into your company culture and values. A blog gives your business personality and a voice. It makes you more approachable.

6) Build a long-term relationship with your clients and community.

Over time your clients will appreciate the content you provide and look to you as a leader in the community. You will facilitate an ongoing conversation and your clients will participate if you give them the opportunity. Pay attention to comments your posts receive and reply to them. Get to know your clients and let your brand connect with your target audience.

7) Gain insight into your target audience.

Blog analytics will provide you with valuable insight into the interests of your audience. You can track readers, note popular topics, record click-throughs, and keep an eye on shares and comments. You can use this data to drill down into what makes your target audience tick. This will fuel future blog topics and marketing decisions.

A Word of Caution

It is tempting to use your blog posts as little written commercials. DON’T DO IT! Your goal is for your target audience to choose to read your content. In most cases, they’re not interested in reading sales literature. Give them value- something funny, interesting, or heart-warming, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

One Blog at a Time

Brand awareness is an essential part of your long-term marketing strategy. A company blog is one of the best tools you can have for building brand awareness. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your target audience. Consider beginning a company blog. ITVibes is your resource for branding, digital marketing, and high-quality content generation.To get started with your business blog or to learn more about digital marketing, Contact Us.

Joey Hensley
Content and SEO Manager AUTHOR: ITVibes
Joey is a Content & SEO Manager at ITVibes. A lifelong writer, he combines his affinity for written expression with a love for helping people create winning content marketing strategies that help businesses boost their brand and reach their target audiences. Joey holds a Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Biblical Studies and has enhanced his skills through professional marketing certifications. Writing is more than a profession for Joey, it is his passion; On a personal level, he also enjoys writing songs (lyrics and music), poetry, and storybooks for children.