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4 Houston SEO Trends for All Marketers

Digital and SEO marketing is constantly changing. It’s certainly not a proven science, as we continue year after year, studying and watching trends, and trying to find the right types of marketing that work. It’s more important than ever to keep on top of changing... read more

5 Ways to Make Your Video Marketing Stand Out

Compared to other types of digital and internet marketing, video marketing is fairly new. Thanks to autoplay on social media sites such as Facebook, video marketing can be much more successful than plain text on a screen, as it has the capacity to immediately grab the... read more

Do You Have Permission To Market?

Well, do you? Do you have permission to market? By that I mean are you sending emails to people who have agreed to have you send them? Or, are you sending unwanted emails, i.e., spam? Are you scratching your head right now? Okay, let’s take a step back and start... read more

3 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Recently a high-level overview of just what marketing automation is was discussed on this blog. Now, we’d like to go into a bit more detail and share 3 benefits of marketing automation. As a refresher, marketing automation is a suite of tools that enable... read more

What is Marketing Automation?

Do you ever find yourself wondering how you can ensure you and your sales team are identifying qualified leads that will convert to positive sales? Do you hear people talking about software that can help you but wonder, “What is marketing automation?” And... read more